Wednesday, 30 December 2009

St Mary Magdalen Soup Run

Welcome to the St Mary Magdalen Soup Run. The Soup Run exists to provide food to the homeless and poor of Brighton and Hove. It is funded by St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Church, Brighton and the large majority of volunteers who make soup, coffee and sandwiches for those in need are parishioners of St Mary Magdalen Church.

This small website is dedicated to Ann Roberts, who died in 2007. She started the soup run and maintained it for 20 years. She fed the hungry and homeless every night in all weather conditions for years, dedicating her life to the poor of Brighton. This blog has been started to raise awareness of the Soup Run, to attract more volunteers to spare an hour or two a week in providing food and drink to the homeless of Brighton and Hove and to raise awareness of the homeless of Brighton and Hove.

While the Soup Run exists in order to fulfill Christ's command to feed the hungry, St Mary Magdalen's welcomes volunteers of any religious background and none who wish to help in the mission to feed the hungry in Brighton. Volunteers are paid for expenses incurred in the purchase of food from the Poor Fund of the Church. We are always looking for donations and are always in need of new volunteers who want to make a commitment to feeding the homeless. If you feel inspired to volunteer then please call Karla on 01273 734560 or email

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  1. I was thrilled to find this website, made in honour of my mother, Ann Roberts. I live in California with my husband and two children who attend Catholic Schools here. My eldest is now at Berkeley. They miss their grandmother, and today is Ann's birthday, so I am going to send a donation to the website. I had no idea this existed and I am glad that this tradition continues. When I visited from London, I would accompany my mother on the soup run. WHen I last visited, sadly to bury my sister, Claudette, I sat on the bench. I don't know how many of her crew remain, or remember me, Amanda Roberts (now Peppe). I remember another Ann, Rosie, who I believe died. Please sit on the bench for me, I am a long way from both my mother and sister. All the best, Amanda.